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What is Cannabis Extract?


Cannabis extracts are derived from the cannabis plant, with a wide variety of consistencies, textures, and appearances. These concentrates are distinguished from their flower counterparts mainly by their higher potency of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) which gives you a euphoric high. The most iconic extracts are named for their unique appearance and properties. These include shatter, wax, diamonds, budder, and more! Extraction processes are always being innovated to provide cleaner, richer, and more sustainable types of extracts for the best experience possible. These extracts are typically smoked with a “dabbing rig” or vaporized. A small amount can also elevate dried cannabis flower. Dabbing requires the use of a water pipe or dab rig, a heating element (such as a “nail), a torch, and a dab tool. Solvents such as ethanol, butane, propane, and hexane are often used to prepare extracts. Few extraction companies, such as Kush Masters, can create solventless extracts using only ice, water, heat, and pressure. This results in the finest quality extract possible! This page will tell you everything you need to know about the highest quality cannabis extracts on the market.

Our Products

Cured Resin BHO

To preserve color and terpene content we start with fresh top-quality dried and cured cannabis with ideal moisture levels. Our extraction experts will then extract the resin/cannabinoids utilizing a single pass butane extraction method with butane hash oil (also known as BHO). Our advanced post-processing techniques helps Kush Masters achieve the desired consistency as well as create a safe, superior quality product for all our cured resin loving customers.


With a clear golden glass or sap-like consistency, shatter is one of the most desired textures of Cured BHO. Our shatter is purged of all residual butane hash oil using state-of-the-art vacuum ovens and dry scroll pumps to ensure a clean and safe product. Due to its stable structure shatter retains its terpene content and therefore ensures a quality flavor experience.


With a creamy “butter” texture wax is known for its aroma and great flavor as well as being the most user-friendly form of Cured BHO. Gently heated and whipped to perfection, our wax is purged of residual butane hash oil and retains ideal levels of terpenes. Featuring a soft and fluffy consistency this contributes to a pleasant dabbing experience.

Live Resin BHO

This process begins with freshly harvested and instantly frozen premium cannabis. Flash freezing the cannabis directly after harvest provides the greatest terpene profile and provides some of the highest potency content available. Utilizing cryogenic temperatures to increase terpene retention and to minimize fat & lipid absorption, our extraction experts use a single pass butane extraction method as well as advanced post-processing techniques to achieve the desired consistency and create a safe, superior quality product for our customers.

Live Diamonds

Meticulously grown over several weeks, Kush Masters live diamonds are at the pinnacle of the merger of extracts and science. Grown using the principles of crystallization, this type of cannabis extract yields the purest form of diamonds (THCa) available. With special techniques, we separate the THCa crystals, which provide the ideal mixture of terpenes and diamonds for our customers. Live Diamonds are unrivaled in terms of their high potency and superior flavor.

Live Budder

With a soft gooey consistency and high terpene content, this easy-to-use form of Live Resin is a favorite among extract users. Heated and whipped, this product is completely devoid of residual solvents and yet still retains a full-bodied flavor that defines Live Resin. Live Budder is second to none in terms of ease of use and enjoyability while retaining its distinct high terpene/flavor and potency content.

Live Solventless

Starting with only the highest quality of fresh frozen cannabis and using a 100% solventless extraction system, this form of extract does not involve any solvents, such as butane or propane. To remove trichome heads from the cannabis plant we agitate the material in an ice-cold water washing system. After agitation, the final product is collected using a series of fine screens and creates “water hash”.


The water hash is then freeze-dried to provide even drying and to prevent microbial growth. After the drying process, the water hash can be sold as-is or taken a step further by creating “Live Rosin” using only heat and pressure. This live rosin process is done with the industry-leading Pure Pressure Pikes Peak Rosin Press. This process allows us to capture the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes to give the consumer the closest representation of the live cannabis plant and its effects.

Live Rosin Batter

Hand whipped at room temperature to preserve terpenes, this gooey and creamy form of Rosin is easy to use and consume. After being pressed on the Pure Pressure rosin press, the rosin is unaltered by heat or further post-processing. This form of rosin is the closest representation to the flavor and cannabinoid content of the live cannabis plant it was extracted from.

Live Rosin Sauce

Made with only premium grade live rosin, this extract goes through a crystallization process that creates a final product 100% free of solvents and raises the bar for taste and potency among all cannabis extracts.


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We offer a variety of processing services including Cured BHO, Live BHO, and Live Solventless. With competitive rates, a fast turnaround time, and a detail-oriented team, Kush Masters provides a service second to none.


Our products include Wax, Sugar Wax, Shatter, Live Budder, Live Sugar, Live Diamonds, Live Water Hash, Live Rosin, and Live Rosin Sauce.


We enjoy catering to our customer’s individual needs and look forward to helping you create connoisseur-level concentrates.